What services do you offer to provide value to a customer?

How will a customer's life improve from using your product/service? If you can get anything above a 5% conversion rate in the Health industry, you should ask for a raise.

Don't sweat the complexity of your language too much. We didn't see a lot of dependence in the Health industry on reading level.



For every additional percent of copy that used language evoking feelings of fear, we saw conversion rates that were 10% lower.


We saw a consistent negative trend in conversion rates with longer pages. On average, pages with 750 words converted 30% fewer visitors than pages with 500 words


Associated with fear in health: pain, loss, disease, injury, hearing, weight, treat, worse, surgery, dentistry, confidence, emergency, medical, hospital, avoid, problem, cancer, procedure, diagnosis, change


“Venus Viva™, the latest fractional radio frequency device, has demonstrated great results in improvements to photo damaged skin, lines and wrinkles, as well as reduced acne and traumatic scars. This enhanced technology with its large footprint and SmartScan™ feature elevates the playing field in fractional treatments. The Venus Viva™ is a game-changer for clinicians and for patients.”

Physician Testimonial

Michael H. Gold, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist

Venus Concept® is a leading global medical technology company that develops, commercializes, and delivers safe, efficacious, and easy-to-use aesthetic technologies and related practice enhancement services in a unique, industry-disruptive subscription-based business model. Venus Concept's devices have been designed in cost-effective and proprietary ways that enable the company to expand beyond the aesthetic industry's traditional markets of dermatology and plastic surgery, and into non-traditional markets, such as family practice, general practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and medical spas. 

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Courtesy of Venus Concept

Courtesy of Venus Concept

Clinical Results

World-renowned experts are coming together to deliver an intensive educational conference covering major themes in dermatology, plastic surgery & aging science. The best in the field present a dynamic learning program with evidence-based research and the latest techniques.

#2. New Technologies for Hair Restoration Including New Generation Robotics

Date & Time: June 3 -  8:30 am

Room: 143 - Level 1

#1. Feminine Health and Full Body Rejuvenation

Date & Time: June 3 -  7:30 am

Venue: Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, 

3 Place du Général Kœnig, 75017 Paris

(located next to conference venue)

Room: Lab 1 + 2

Meet us at the Hall Maillot A, booth #N240A and join one of the 4 sessions featuring our esteemed speakers. 

Learn more below!

Dr.  Arry Boujenah

Dr.  Michael H. Gold

#3. Venus Viva™ MD — Customizable Fractional Resurfacing on Face

Date & Time: June 4-  10:30 am

Room: 252 AB - Level 2

#4. Treatment of Vaginal Laxity and Atrophy — Venus Fiore™

Date & Time: June 5 - 9:08 am

Room: 242 AB - Level 2

The 23rd IMCAS Annual World Congress will happen in Paris, IN PERSON, from June 3 to 5.

We would love to meet you at this conference! 

Click on the link below to add your contact details, and we will soon schedule an appointment with you.

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Dr.  Maurice Adatto

Dr.  Arry Boujenah

Dr.  Neil Sadick


Dr.  Maurice Adatto